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San Francisco Sunrise & The Willow Slip Dress.


San Francisco Sunrise & the willow slip dress.

Pink Dress

A brisk and refreshing morning in the beginning of winter, the beginning of the new year on the oceans edge. A hike down under the San Francisco Bridge. The willow slip dress, a creative cut, an alluring dress like no other. Shimmering brighter than the sea, feeling lighter than the wind, and dancing on feathered feat for the sunrise.

San Francisco Style

We exhaled all of our worries away and breathed in happiness, love and adventure.

Fashion Dresses Forever Dolled Up

A new year’s celebrations, motivations and pursuits. 

Fashion Dresses

Here is a list of New Year’s resolutions that I am in pursuit of!


7 New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

  1. Love. Simply put, nothing really beats being in love, falling in love, loving everything and everyone and everything and everyone loving you too! #LOVEIT!
  2. Getting fit. Pretty sure this is on 99.9% of everyone’s resolutions.  Gotta keep motivated and working towards that goal! #Yoga #Cardio #MondayMotivation  #10K
  3. Quality experiences. So this year I have decided to go for those quality experiences over a bunch of fun little experiences all of the time. Seems If I hold off on going out to dinner and drinks on Friday nights for a couple months I could go on a pretty nice getaway instead. #wanderlust
  4. A closet filled with my favorite dresses. I know this sounds funny but I love going through my closet when it’s filled with everything I want to wear! Not a closet filled with nothing to wear.  I am going to make this happen this year! #ShopDolledUp
  5. Travel somewhere exotic. It seems as though there is so much to see and do all of the time in the San Francisco North bay that I never really get to get out of town much. This year I will be making an effort to travel to a new and exotic place! #TravelExotic
  6. A quality friend. Who doesn’t love making amazing new friends? #Friends4Ever
  7. Keeping up with the blog. My goal is to post a couple times a week, it sounds easier than it is probably. Any advice?

Fashion Dresses

Ocean Dresses

Fashion Clothing

What are some of your top priority resolutions for 2017?


Anyway, wishing you all the happiest, most fulfilling year yet!

Dream big fashion dolls, and stay Forever DolledUp


Caroline Flowers 

@Forever DolledUp


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  • MOLLY on

    Love these photos! So gorgeous!


  • Len Parent on

    I love this look from head to toe! GORGEOUS as always!
    Happy Tuesday darling!
    Much love, Len

  • Carina on

    Gorgeous pictures! I would also love to travel somewhere exotic and have quality experiences.


  • Zorica on

    Love your photo selection…
    The pink dress is prefect match with the surroundings

  • Paula on

    Love this post!! San Francisco is just so so pretty, and it was super fun to read your resolutions. To keep up whit posting two times a week I’ll totally recommend you to carry around a journal where you can write ideas and maybe the introduction of the post. And set a moment of the day just for blogging stuff. Hope it works for you :)

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